What are major types of assignments at undergraduate level?

At the undergraduate level, there are various types of assignment that are given to students by teachers. By giving these assignments to students, the teachers want to check how well the students have done during their academic days and if they are ready to move forward and do something well on theirs. These assignments require students to work hard and focus on their papers so that they can go forward and work towards a degree that would take them to a higher level.

By knowing the major types of assignments at the undergraduate level, it becomes easy for students to understand how to tackle their papers, do a good job and look forward to success in class.


This article discusses the major types of assignments that students are given at undergraduate level and what sets them apart.


Research essay – This type of assignment presents a question and the students are required to present an answer based on facts. It is main written for teachers and other academic people and provides highly researched facts, details and information in a clear structure and active voice.


Literature review – This type of assignment is meant to identify the key ideas across literature understand current thinking and find a gap for research so that the students can understand why this literature was created what were the teacher’s thoughts and ideas and how it explain things.  It is written in a formal manner with introduction body and conclusion in but it does not require heading and discusses the similarities and differences along with critical comments


Case study – It is the examination of a situation which identify positive and negative and also make recommendations. The studies are often created who might not be all Academy as well as politicians and general public in order to provide them with facts and easy to follow detail about any situation.


Project report – A project report is a report that talks about some work that has been done or presents facts and ideas about any work that has yet to be done. This is often done by other parties to come up with facts and details and has to be written in a proper format following proper protocol as this might be presented in various organizations for purposes.


Annotated bibliography – This works by identifying key articles on a topic and evaluating usefulness of these articles in relation to the topic. Its purpose is to provide information to others such as researchers, academics as well as fellow professionals in the most format and objective way so that they can identify information and use it as per their requirement.


It is necessary for students to understand all these types of assignments that they might be given at one time or another by their teacher as it will give them a chance to work most dedicatedly on their papers. The better they know how they differ and what are their main areas, the better papers the students will be able to work on their assignments and succeed with good grades.