Why Do Schools Cause Stress?

Stress may be defined as a state of emotional or mental tension that is caused by demanding and challenging circumstances. Many studies have confirmed that kids in schools particularly those who are studying in high Schools suffer from stress Students have been seen complaining about workload in the form of assignments, essays, powerpoint presentations and exam preparation. Though mild stress is beneficial because it helps students show good performance in the class, chronic stress has bad health effects.

The long-term chronic stress can result in heart problems, mental illness, headaches and dullness. The students who suffer from stress in School also suffer from its bad impacts in later life i.e., in college. A study confirmed that such students have been found working harder than their age capacity in college. Besides these kids who suffer from stress in School don’t live a normal life. They don’t enjoy their studies, sports or their relationship with siblings and other family members at home. As stated by Daniel J. DeNoon, “It turns play into a competitive sport. It turns the joy of learning into a struggle to excel. It turns friends into social connections and charitable acts into a line on a resume”.

Causes of Stress among Students in School:

The stress in school mainly comes from the burden that a student feels in completing assignments on time or show the best performance in games and extracurricular activities. It was found in the survey by American Psychological Association that 45% of all teens felt stressed by School pressure. There was 49 percent who confirmed to deal with the great amount of stress on a daily basis. Half of them told that they were working three-plus hours a daily night. Though the obvious reasons behind stress seem to be the load of homework, assignments, papers, deadlines and demands for getting good grades indirectly it is pressure from parents, peers and teachers that force students to work harder to get best grades which cause stress.

It is also important to note that stress has been found among the kids studying in elite private high schools as compared to state schools. The reason is that in these schools standards are high, the staff is more capable to help students show the best performance and parent spend more but all of this causes a burden on the child. The reason is that they have to work harder to meet their parents and teachers expectations as well as to exist in the highly competitive environment. Peer pressure and competition in class is another cause of stress among students in School. This is why students and their parents seek help from a dissertation writing service to make their worries less and get pre-written solutions.

Students whether in School, college or university face competition but School competition is high in its importance and impact. The reason is that in School kids are not independent in their decisions and choices. In schools, kids focus on studies rather than social activities. The only Moto of the kids is to fulfil wishes of their parents. So, if parents keep on demanding best grades without knowing the capacity and ability of their kids, they destroy their kid’s mental health because most kids suffer from anxiety attacks and headaches. They also become stuck and alone and keep on working harder.

Admission to good colleges is also a cause of stress among high Schoolers. The students, who wish to get admission in good colleges, work harder to get best grades and thus feel stressed.  Future plans and career goals make the students perform well in School and focus on their studies. Lack of interest in some subjects or difficulty in completing assignments such as Moths or Physics can also be a reason of stress among students.  If the student is not good with numbers and has to submit an assignment within a day or two, he/she must be stressed. However, this problem can be solved by getting some help in assignment writing online.

Concluding above it can be said that stress among students in school is an important problem and must be solved as kids are future of the nation. In this early age, if they suffer from stress or tension, it can impact their future life and health badly. The school staff must keep in mind the capabilities of students assign work accordingly. Similarly, parents at home must understand the capacity and interests of their children and avoid demanding best from them all the time.