Causes of Failures in Student Educational Career

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There are different causes of failures in the student’s career. First of all the main causes of a student’s failure is that he or she cannot give proper time to study. He wastes his time by sitting idle or by playing or watching TV.He doesn’t give  proper time to his studies. He wastes time with his friends talking to them every time.

Now a days advance technology plays a vital role in destroying students’ careers. One should know how to use this technology in a better way. Everything has a positive role as well as negative. Positivity and negativity go side by side.

It’s in students had to either follow a right path or to follow a wrong path. If they  follow a wrong path by wasting their time in using mobile phone and  doing web browsing it would not be beneficial for them to do any work in any field of life. Time is precious, so students must follow it properly. They should not waste their time by doing extra activities. Students should be punctual to their learning.

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Teachers play a very important role in students’ career. Teachers are respectable personalities, students respects their teachers. Teachers should understand students’ problem and should have an effective communication to their students. They should listen students problems and issues they are facing during studying.

They should understand their issues and help them out to maintain their studies. They should participate a little bit in their emotions. They should know how to make a student ready for learning. teachers should try to make students relax and calm. They should  not give stress to students by giving them too much work to do that they can’t fulfil in the given time period. It will be problematic for the students.

Students should not waste their precious time by using mobile phones. They should not waste their time by playing different games. Their first priority should be their studies. They should be too much concerned about their learning.

They should have the knowledge about the subject that they are studying. They should give complete concentration to their work. They should make a time table and must have to follow it properly. In the making time table you should firstly write the most important tasks to do and after then vice versa.

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Give time to each and every subject properly and completely without wasting the time in doing extra activities. The student should manage time, according to the time table. They can participate in sports and games, but their first priority should be their study.   Firstly, they do their study task by giving complete concentration to each subject then do other activities.

The student should take care of their health. They should be mentally and physically fit. They should take care of their sleep. Lack of sleep causes a lot of problems while studying. You can’t take give proper attention to the lesson being taught to you in the class. The student should give full attention to the lecture while the teacher is teaching in the class. He should be attentive to the lesson.