How Students Learn in Classroom

Learn in ClassroomTeacher should be more energetic while giving a lecture because if a teacher will not be able to give lecture with full potential and effort then students will not able to learn anything. Active learning environment and project based classrooms are very necessary to make the students intend to learn. These classrooms require students and teachers to do very well. Being a teacher you can feel irresistible and overwhelmed when experiencing something new. The strategies for managing and creating project based learning environment are very useful in classroom. Many students feel shy in the class. The shy and shamed students will not feel comfortable and engage in challenging and participative tasks in the class. Therefore, teachers should have to create the emotionally safe environment in the classroom to engage students. It will help students to take part in the discussion.


You have to encourage students to learn more and appreciate on their efforts even if they are wrong or commit any mistakes. The negative feedback discourages students to learn more and they could not free to take participation and become unconfident. It is the duty of teacher to build up students interests in the classroom and feel them confident. If student lose their confidence due to continuous discouragement then they will not able to perform better. You should be attentive in the class and be aware of when students deeply engaged or paying attention to their task and studies. Teachers should also analyze which student is listening the lectures attentively and then hiring assignment writing services. Must create the active learning environments in which students are given a task to speak and think.


Teachers should not only measure and notice when students are engaged on task but also their engagement quality. It may take years to develop and create the lessons and skills that may require a teacher to create the active learning environment in the class. Teachers can begin by identifying which activities in class engage your students to learn. Give students group and individual tasks to engage them and you will be able to access whether students are able to perform better in group activities or individually. If students are more competent working in group than individually then teachers should take step to create the skills to work individually. If students are working well individually then teacher should teach them to work in a group to enhance their abilities.


Do not underestimate the student’s potential even if they are wrong because they may get distracted while doing a particular task. You can help students while making their project or assignments. Encourage students to speak in the class and ask simple questions after giving lecture to access the students understanding and their attention. Engaging students to learn enhance their abilities to practice more. Moreover, they get motivated to practice higher level critical skills and help to promote their learning experiences. Teachers should adopt the student-centered approach to increase the student’s engagement in class that will help achieving the learning objectives. Teachers should adopt the inclusive teaching skills because it will not exclude students intentionally from learning opportunities.