Most Common Types of Mass Communication That Are Used Widely

Most Common Types of Mass Communication 1


Mass communication is the exchange of information through some mediums. It is the process of sending a message across a large audience by using any means of communication. It has become a vital part of the 21st century as it is the century of information. The more you have authentic information, the more you are credible and valuable in society. Furthermore, in the era of technology, its role has been increased to manifolds. The narrative building is one of the main tenets of mass communications. Effective mass communication can help you out in dominating your perspective and theories. Therefore, it breeds and shapes the ideas and ideologies of the masses. The world has rapidly transitioned from traditional mediums of mass communication to digital mediums of mass communication. Nevertheless, traditional methods are still very important and play a vital role in imparting information. Following are major types of mass communication:

Print Media

Print media is the traditional method of mass communication. It is the type that facilitates communication through the written material. Conventionally, when there were no televisions and internet, it was the only source of communication. Newspaper as well as coursework writing service is a striking example of the print media. Print Media was utilized to publish the latest news and updates around the people. It also includes the publication of literature like books and journals. If you wanted to address a large audience, the only way was to write and publish it.   Furthermore, it was also a source of entertainment for the people. Despite the emergence of several other methods of mass communication, it is still a relevant and important method of mass communication. However, print media has advanced towards an online presence to keep the masses updated about the happenings around them. Following are some of the examples of print media:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Books and Novels
  • Comics
  • Journals and Publications

Broadcast Media

Broadcast media revolutionized mass communication as it enabled audio and visuals in the process of communication. It led to an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of spreading information. it was a revolutionary step as it grabbed an audience, bigger than ever while saving the time of users.  Following is the detail of major types of broadcast media:

  • Films and Television

The motion of pictures revolutionized mass communication. It is one of the most prominent types of mass communication. It caters for the needs of information and entertainment to more than 90% population of the world. The availability of visuals and audio have made it more interactive and entertaining. Furthermore, it has led to the emergence of a new industry called the media industry. It is full of opportunities and career progressions. For instance, if you are a creative writer or imaginative visualizer, the doors of the media industry are always opened for you.

  • Radio

It is a little bit old-fashioned type of mass communication. It is the type of mass communication that spread information through audio. You can tune into the radio channel of your choice for information and entertainment. To some extent, the emergence of films and television have undermined the importance of radio. Traditionally, it was one of the most interactive sources of information as you could listen to news announcements, telecast important events and music. You needed a radio device to listen to all that. However, the digital era has given birth to online radio channels to make them more accessible.

Most Common Types of Mass Communication


Outdoor and Transit Media/Advertising

It is one of the under-rated types of mass communication yet a potential type. It is the dissemination of information through our outer environment. It is used for marketing, advertisement and social awareness purposes. It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is a rapidly growing type of mass communication.

Transit media uses means of transportation like metro buses and rails to impart any message or information. it is also one of the most effective ways of advertisement and advertisers steer the message they wish to convey to the targeted audience.

Following are some of the examples of outdoor and transit media:

  • Billboards
  • Boarding
  • Posters
  • Banners

Digital Media

It is the most advanced and effective type of mass communication. In the age of digital, it has become the most influential form of media. It amalgamates all the features of interactive communications. It is a swift source of information that removes a lot of obstacles in the way of information. you can access the information at any time and any place. Furthermore, the internet has further given impetus to digital media. It has further widened the scope and influence of digital media. Following are some of the forms of digital media:

  • Social Media
  • Video Platforms
  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • E-books
  • Podcasts
  • Online Radio

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, mass communication is very important in today’s world. We need to be acquainted with all of its types so that we can utilize the maximum of its potential. In the age of information, one who controls the information controls the world.