Cloud-Based Tools That Can Help You to Learn By Questions

The applications, resources and services that are available for students on-demand with the help of the internet are known as cloud-based tools. These services are provided by cloud providers computing servers. Cloud computing is helpful for companies and developers in various ways like it can increase storage capacity, it can enhance the functionality and it can also provide some services on demand. In the field of education, there are also lots of cloud-based tools are available that are helpful for students to learn by questions. Some essential cloud-based tools that can help you to learn by questions are given below by the expert writers of assignment writing services;

  • Portal for educational content is the best cloud-based tool and portal for students and teachers to learn educational content with the help of questions. The best way to learn on this cloud-based tool is to sign up on this tool. After that, you can easily search for data on this tool by typing your class, your subject and by refining your subject. There are also some practice videos on this tool. With the help of these videos, it is easy for students to integrate technology into teaching, learning and assessment process. is also an extension of this tool that is helpful for users to support teaching, learning and assessment process. With the help of, it is possible for teachers to integrate digital technology in the learning process.

  • Virtual learning environment

There are also some cloud-based tools for learners that are providing the best learning opportunities to them. In these tools, there come Edmodo, Schoology, Schoolwise and Google Classroom etc. is an essential cloud-based tool that is helpful for students in various ways like they are passionate to provide the best education experience to the students by focusing on hard work, they improve success of learners by providing an environment of collaboration, they are focusing on the innovation of the classroom and they consider that integrity is their foundation. is also an essential cloud-based platform for learners because this platform involves students, teachers and parents in the learning process. In a similar way, Google classroom is also an essential and free web service of Google for schools. With the help of this service, it is easy for teachers to create, distribute and grade the assignments in a paperless way. It is also an essential platform for teachers and students to share their problems in the form of questions and try to find out possible answers to these questions. Students and teachers also find it easy to share their files with each other with the help of this essential platform.

  • Productivity applications

There are also some productivity applications that are helpful for learners to measure their educational productivity. In these cloud-based tools to measure the productivity of the learners, there come Google apps for education and Microsoft 365 etc. Google for education is an essential service of Google that is providing lots of cloud-based apps and services for learners in order to enhance their learning experience. In these cloud-based apps and services, there comes Gmail, Hangouts, Google Drive and Google Calendar etc. The learners can easily tie up all of these cloud-based services and apps of Google in the form of a Chromebook. After that, they can find it easy to add this Chromebook in the form of G Suite Domain. This G Suite is helpful for learners for their educational establishment. Google Apps For Education is also an essential platform that is helpful for students to store lots of educational resources.

  • AnswerGarden

It is an essential feedback tool for learners. Learners can easily learn from this tool by asking questions and getting possible answers to these questions. Its reason is that this tool is providing real-time audience participation, it is also brainstorming learners via some online resources and it is also providing feedback to students in their classrooms. The users can take part in it via various ways like in the form of classroom, conference or corporate audiences etc. After posting a reasonable question on this platform, there is a possibility that you can get thousands of answers to this question.

  • Answer Pad

It is an essential cloud-based learning tool for the learners that enable them to take part in the 21st-century learning environment. It will be possible for students to deliver and capture the data from all the devices either with the help of a web browser or with the help of an Answer Pad App. It has also an amazing functionality and it is easy for us to involve other learners on this tool by flexible and time-saving functionality.

  • Chatzy

Chatzy is considered as an alternative of Facebook, Yahoo Chat and Skype for the users. Its reason is that with the help of Chatzy, it is easy for the users to start a quick chat with their friends. For the purpose of learning, this essential tool is also providing virtual room to the users. Another benefit of this cloud-based tool is that it is easy to use for the learners.

  • Poll Everywhere

This essential cloud-based learning tool provides a chance to its users to create a poll and try to share multiple-choice questions in order to get an idea about an understanding of the students. For this reason, learners can easily engage other people in their poll from all around the world. Secondly, it is also possible for them to get live responses of other people by sending invitations on their websites or mobile phones. At last, they are also able to get results on the basis of the reviews of the respondents.

  • Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey provides an essential cloud-based learning environment to the learners. Its reason is that this essential platform is getting answers of more than 20 million questions on a daily basis. Therefore, your possibility to get answers to your questions instantly will increase.

Along with these tools, there are also some other cloud-based tools like Survey Planet, Verso, Type Forum and Voice Thread are also helpful for learners to learn about different subjects by getting answers to their questions.