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Sometimes, unfortunately because of very hard and hectic routine students copy from other authors of the internet and paste it into their document. They made no home runs for their write-up because they copy their material from the net.

Likewise, the students paraphrase the thoughts of some other writers in their own words and they got less marks. They are imagined to compose their own personal point of views in these compositions that are being assigned them by their instructor to refine their writing accomplishments.

They also made mistakes to copy the ideas of another and sometimes they do get the prover idea and write wrong and vivid information about something that cause a large trouble to them. They once more lose their marks through this kind of actions.

As nowadays students are over-wheeled with so many burdens of studies. Then they utilized to create these types of mistakes in their write-ups. The best means of getting rid of all these issues and problems there are many answers.

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