What Is DACA

DACA stands for Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals. It is an American policy for the immigrants. This policy was announced by Barack Obama in 2012.  According to this policy, the applications were also collected from these immigrants. This policy was made for those immigrants who were illegally brought to the US during their childhood and after that, they become eligible with the help of their work permits. This act was quite different from the DREAM act. Its reason was that the DREAM act provides the citizens to the immigrants and on the other hand, DACA act doesn’t provide any chance for the citizens to the immigrants. If you are not able to write an academic paper about DACA, then you can get help from experts in Coursework writing services.
Requirements for DACA

Before applying for DACA, it is also an unavoidable thing to you to fulfil some essential requirements. These requirements are given below;

  • On June 2012, your age should be at least thirty one years
  • You had come to the US during your childhood. In other words, your age should be less than 16 years during your first visit to the US.
  • You are constantly living in the US from 2007 to present
  • While you are applying for the DACA, you will have to ensure your physical appearance in the US
  • You had come to the US without any documents
  • You should get at least a high school certificate from the US and you should also ensure that you are still studying in the US

The application process for DACA

If a person is meeting the above requirements, then he/she is eligible to apply for DACA. Moreover, if a person has recently received a voluntary departure order, then he can also submit his file to DACA. One can easily submit the application to DACA in the form of a serious of forms. This serious of forms should be submitted to USCIS. One part of this application should consist of those documents which prove the eligibility of a person for this particular program. If we take an overview of the fee, then we come to know that we will have to submit $495 as a fee along with this application. Among the $495, $410 spends on the authorization of the application. Remaining eighty-five dollars are spent on the biometric services. In these biometric services, there come fingerprinting.

Benefits of DACA

As we have discussed earlier that DACA is prepared for the benefits of immigrants. Some benefits of DACA to the immigrants are given below;

  • With the help of the DACA, it is easy for the immigrants to get the social security card of US
  • The DACA is also helpful for the immigrants to get driver’s license in different states of US
  • The DACA is also helpful for the immigrants in order to provide them with some essential opportunities to build their credit score
  • The immigrants can also get the best job opportunities with the help of some benefits like social healthcare
  • The immigrants can also put their utility names with their own names