Great Technology Tools that Every Teacher Should Use for Better Teaching Ways

Great Technology Tools

Great Technology ToolsTechnology is growing at a rapid rate and it is evolving with every passing day. Every day the common man is presented with a new tool or app which can do wonders for the masses. In the world of education, the possibilities of exploring new things is endless and there is no doubt that technology has benefited the teaching professional immensely whether it is by providing online learning or whether it is by helping students communicate with their teachers and peers.


However, there has been another way in which technology has benefited the educational sector and that is with help of the great technological tools like coursework writing services that have made it very easy for the teachers to come up with better ways to instruct their pupil. It is also important for the teachers to know that the overwhelming volume of technology can often confuse them or take them off the track. However, there is so much for them to do and use that they can work really well and help their students achieve their goals with some of the best apps which benefit students really we..


This article discusses some of the best technology tools that every teacher should be using in classroom to aid students in learning. It is important to note that the benefit of technology depends on how it is used and how the teachers assist their students and how well their students take them.



This great app allows the teachers to create engaging web quality videos that include photos, video clips, text, and music. Animoto helps to enhance and reinforce any topic and is really quick and easy to use by teachers. The teachers are able to apply for free Animoto Plus account which enables them to take advantage of every feature.


Class Dojo:

Class Dojo is a real time classroom management application that has been designed to help students stay alert and work on their task the right way even when they apply for admissions to colleges. Every student is provided with an avatar and the teacher can instantly provide the student with feedback and points for their capabilities and behavior. With this app, the parents are also able to keep track of their child’s progress.


Class Flow:

This is an online lesson planning tool that allows the teachers to develop and share a lesson that includes videos, website, notes, etc. quickly and accurately with their teachers. Lessons are stored in the cloud which makes them shareable on any device and the students can give and receive their feedback with their teachers.


Collaborize Classroom:

Collaborize Classroom is an online tool that has been designed to enhance teacher student collaboration in a flipped classroom as well as to discuss best thesis topic. Teachers are able to create planned conversations to meet specific learning objectives, generate polls and surveys, and attach pictures, videos, and other content. The aim of this app is intended to enhance in-class instruction by keeping the students engaged in various online activities and discussions. All these apps have been designed to enhance the student teacher collaboration and help teachers assist their students most capably.