How to Improve Your Academic Writing Styles?

Improve Academic Writing

Improve Academic WritingAcademic writing is essential for students belonging to any field of study. Whether they choose to take medicine as their profession or they are budding scientists, they need to develop the skill of expressive writing with help of coursework writing services if they want to be successful. There are some basic things that students need to follow to improve their academic writing styles.


Construction of Sentences: When writing an academic paper at post-graduate level, students are expected to deliver a well- structured text to the reviewing committee. Students should be able to write in a way that their readers can easily deduce the meaning of the text without any effort. Therefore, students should take great care of the structure of their sentences and read it out loud to make sure their readers are able to understand and grasp their message.


Creating Genuine Content: Students can enrich their paper with genuine and actual contents rather than copying others work. It is okay to get inspired by previous researchers’ works, but students should try to learn from their seniors and create original ways of expressing their ideas and theories in captivating ways. They should avoid using the same arguments and evidences by simply putting everything in their own words. Students can fortify their text by making statements and providing solid evidences through statistics that will make their document more authentic.


Keep Away From Plagiarism: It is a big offense in academic writing to pass someone else’s work as your own. You can use Youtube for better learning. This is termed as plagiarism and students should steer clear of this action completely. If they choose to document others’ work, then proper citations are a must to go along with it. Not complying by the rules may cost students their credibility and reputation, which could have a crippling effect on their future as well.


Paraphrase Instead of Too Many Quotations: It is suggested to paraphrase major chunk of the document instead of adding too many quotations. By quoting others phrases frequently in the text, students lose the originality of their work and it looks more like borrowed than genuine.


Adopt Occam’s Razor Technique: An English friar, by the name of William Occam, devised a problem-solving principle in the year 1287. According to his principle, “Amongst competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected”. This technique of shedding off excess information was termed as Occam’s razor. By using this method, students can use only the relevant information in their text and stick to the strict word count requirement.


Avoid Silly Grammatical Errors: Grammar plays a key role in the composition of a document. There are great technology tools for teachers to check grammar. Especially on a higher level, students are expected to follow all grammatical rules when writing their paper. They should avoid silly mistakes, such as, confusing possessive pronouns with contractions. For example, the use of its and it’s, their, they and they’re, your and you’re, etc.


Refrain From Using Colloquial Phrases: In a formal academic writing, students should always refrain from using everyday colloquial phrases. They should maintain a serious and formal tone throughout their text.


Proofread for Perfection: Last but not the least; students should make sure they proofread their work in order to deliver an error free perfect piece of writing.