How to Enhance Motivation

Enhance MotivationMotivation has numerous impacts on learning and behaviour of students. Motivation directs behaviour to achieve specific goals. Motivation effects the choices and decision students make. The most important motivation the achievement motivation for educational psychology. The difference in achievement is due to the difference in motivation. Some students are motivated to perform well and get good grades and some students are motivated to learn. Teachers should convince their students to learn rather than emphasizing only on grades because learning will automatically lead to get the good grades. The expectations of teachers also affect the motivation level of students. If teacher’s expectations are positive, then the students will be more motivated to learn and perform well. If teachers’ expectations are negative, then students will perform likewise.


Research conducted by coursework writing services has found that students will perform up an down according to the expectations of teachers. The teacher should communicate the positive expectations to the students in order to motivate them. When students feel their importance then they tend to perform well. When asking questions from students, teachers should wait for the students to respond to a question. Teachers should not make distinctions on performance of students. Results and assessment should be the private matter. Teachers should treat each student equally because if a student found that teachers are not giving much importance to them than other student then their motivation level will begin to decline. The teacher should call each student and spend equal time with them. The teacher should not be biased concerning students.


Sometimes the subject itself is useful and interesting enough or students to be motivated. But if the subject is boring then it is the duty of the teacher to make the subject as a fun for students so that they can easily understand the concept. The subject should be made interesting by describing the practical implications, giving group tasks to students so that they find it fun to understand. The students should be praised by giving the variety of rewards and incentives. The teacher should increase the interest of students of being learnt. The curiosity should be maintained. An expert and professional teacher will use numerous ways in order to further main and increase the curiosity in the lesson.


The interesting presentation models should be used. The motivation can be enhanced by using the interesting materials. The teacher can use the guest speaker, organize seminars, use demonstration in order to maintain the interest in this subject. But there is a need to focus on the course objectives to achieve. Teachers should help students to make their own objectives and goals. The students will work harder for their set goals. The teacher should express the clear expectations to the students. Students want a pathway to follow in order to achieve the goal. Teachers should give feedback to the students in order to motivate students because it serve as an incentive. Feedback must be specific and clear and must be given close to the performance. It must be motivational and informative.