Top Apps for iPhone to Help in Study

Top Apps for iPhone

When it comes to studying it’s very easy to make notes and study from them but this was the traditional way of studying back in 2005-2006. When students have time to make notes, paper flashcards and spend hours in making notes from books they have and many more things like that. But instead of spending hours in library new apps in your phones and laptops make it easy to access your notes any time. As digital technology has been growing so fast, there are many apps to help make studying easy and more fun for students.

Luckily for the 21st century students, there are so many apps to help them while studying more effectively. From Microsoft Word for your mobile to dictionary apps and digital scanners, students can find tons of productivity apps for their particular device like iPhone.  The Question then comes which applications for IPHONE especially are the best apps. There are many apps nowadays as suggested by dissertation writing services which can make the life of students much easier, cheaper, safer and more fun. So the top apps used while studying on iPhone are:

  1. Apps Used for Lectures:

Just a few years ago students attended lectures in university classrooms or would have to spend their time scribbling on notepads, in order not to miss any important or essential information. Then along came technology, lecture capturing apps are now a reality because lecture recording in universities are common now. And the lecture capturing apps allows you to record the entire lecture and listen back to classes without spending extra money on expensive equipment for recording or for copying of notes. The apps used for lecture capturing in iPhone are:

  • SoundNote (iOS): SoundNote is a popular app used for capturing lectures. Acting as an audio recorder and notepad so that students can store lectures in both audio and visual form.
  • Office Lens (iOS): Office Lens app allows the user to photograph the whiteboard. If a professor delivers the lecture on whiteboard then you can use this app to capture the whiteboard and convert it into PDF, Word or PowerPoint file and store all the data for revision purposes.
  • EverNote (iOS): EverNote allows you to capture a note or memo in any format like web clip, text meeting, audio file, photos or hand written notes. EverNote is one of the best apps which allows you to keep all your notes organized and streamlined in one handy location.

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  1. App Used for Revision:

In this century, revision apps are the big business and it seems like technology has achieved what we thought is impossible. The revision app used for iPhone is:

  • Exam Countdown (iOS): Exam countdown is an app that keeps the track of the days until each of your exams. And it keeps reminding you for the revision of your exams
  1. App for Student Planner:

Everyone said that Education is the key to success and wellbeing at university. So the student planner apps are becoming popular day by day. As in previous years, students use papers for making their study plans but now student planner apps also send reminders and alerts to your phone to remind you what you have planned to study every day. The apps used in iPhone are:

  • Class Timetable: Class Timetable app is the app in which students make their plans according to their subjects. It also considered of a traditional spreadsheet style layout in which you can mention the class timetable also with the subjects revision plan.
  • myHomework Student Planner: This app is a digital student planner app that will keep track of classes, homework, tests and other projects. So you never forget an assignment again.

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  1. Other Top Study Apps Used in iPhone
  • RefME: This app uses the phone camera to scan your book’s barcode and create a citation automatically formatted in Chicago, MLA, APA or whatever format you choose.
  • Oxford Dictionary: This is the mobile version of Oxford University Press dictionary i.e; Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Dragon Dictation: This app converts whatever you will talk about; everything digitally for you. That you can paste into other apps or send as an email message or save it for later use.
  • Simple Mind: This app creates mind maps to help the student in organizing their thoughts, remembering thing, and generating new ideas.