Top Tools To Use for Conducting Online Surveys for Dissertation

Tools To Conduct Dissertation Surveys

A research method which is used to gather the data from a predefined group of respondents is known as a survey. These surveys are conducted to gather insightful information from respondents. You can select surveys for various purposes. The researchers can also use them in various ways to gather the required information. Nowadays, most of the researchers are using online tools to conduct surveys. For this reason, they prepare a list of the questions and share this list on different tools. After sharing these tools, they can get the required data. Here, experts of a dissertation writing service firm will discuss the top tools that you can use to conduct online surveys for your dissertation.

  • Lime Survey

It is a paid tool to gather the information for your dissertation. This essential tool allows you to ask survey questions in 80 different languages. This tool is providing lots of surveys styles and templates for the researchers. The researchers can select survey styles and questions according to their requirements. If you want to use its basic plan, you will have to pay $23/month. This essential tool is available in the form of software. It is the best tool to gather data for the market research institutes, students and universities.

  • SoGoSurvey

It is a comprehensive tool for researchers to conduct research. This software is available for individuals as well as organizations. If you want to use this tool, you will have to pay $25/month. This essential tool is providing 24/7 customer support service to their users. You can contact them via phone, chat or email. If you want to write a business dissertation, this is the best tool to conduct surveys. Its reason is that you can get insightful information about products, services and businesses with the help of this tool. It is providing lots of survey templates for the researchers. Anyhow, you can also customize the survey questions.

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  • TypeForm

This essential online survey software has a user-friendly interface. You can also use its free plan to conduct surveys. In its free plan, you are allowed to ask unlimited questions. You can also get the answers to these questions in its free plan. This essential software also provides data export options for the users. By using this option, you can export the data from the surveys. The users can use their ready-made templates to ask the questions. If you don’t like to use its ready-made templates, you can also design your custom templates. It is also providing basic reporting features to the users.

  • SurveyMonkey

It is one of the most famous tools to conduct surveys. This tool is helpful for the academic institutions, government agencies and organizations to gather the data from the respondents. The user interface of this tool is smooth for the users. It means that users can use it easily. As a student, if you want to use it to gather the data for your dissertation, you should buy its single user profile. Its single user profile is available in $372/annually. Along with the students, it is also the best tool to conduct surveys for the small businessmen. Its reason is that they have to conduct surveys to know the performance of their products. The students can use this survey method to gather enough and the best quality data for their dissertations.

  • Zoho Survey

The scalability and user-friendliness of this tool are also attracting users to use this tool. Students can also use this tool to gather the data for their dissertations. To use this tool to gather the data, students have to pay $20/month. This tool is providing lots of question types for the researchers. The researchers can select one of them. After selecting one of them, students can use it to gather the data from the respondents. This tool is also offering autofill options for the respondents. By using these autofill options, respondents can also gather enough data for their dissertations.

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  • Crowdsignal

This essential tool is providing two different options for the researchers to conduct surveys. First, you can embed the surveys on their website. Secondly, you will have to invite the respondents via emails. After gathering the data by using this essential tool, the students can use different filters to analyze the data. This essential tool also allows the students to create reports of their surveys. You can create these reports in the PDF and Excel formats. To see the results of the survey, you don’t need to wait for several days. Its reason is that it provides a live tool for the researchers to see the results of their surveys.