What Is The Background Of The Christmas Trees?

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What Is The Background Of The Christmas Trees?

Christmas Trees is considered as a part of the Christmas festivities. On the occasion of the Christmas, an evergreen tree of a pine or a fir is decorated with lights and ornaments. These Christmas trees can be fresh-cut or artificial pieces. These Christmas trees are not only used for indoor decorations but these Christmas trees are also used for the outdoor decorations. Most of the families try to open Christmas on the Christmas evening or on the Christmas day. Basically, it is known as a custom of Egypt, Chinese and Hebrews. For them, these green trees are the symbols of eternal life. Here, we will try to provide a background of the Christmas Trees.

How did Christmas Trees start?

Before the advent of Christianity, the trees that were remained green all the year had some special meaning for the people in the winter. It was believed of the residents of many countries that these evergreen trees are helpful for them in keeping away the ghosts, witches and evil spirits etc. There is a different history of these Christmas Trees in different countries.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it was believed that the sun is their god and they were also celebrating the winter solstice. It was celebrated in December because on 21 or 22 December, there is the longest night of the year and shortest day of the year. Their ancient people believed that the sun is their god and every year during the winter season, their god becomes weak and sick. They celebrated the solstice day because they reminded themselves that their god would get well soon and these green plants would also grow in the summer.

 The solstice was also celebrated by the early Romans. For this reason, they also arranged a feast called Saturnalia in the honour of Saturn because they considered that Saturn is their god of agriculture. While celebrating the solstice, they had believed that soon their fields and orchards would be started to grow. In order to celebrate this day, they decorated their homes and temples with the boughs of the evergreen trees.

Christmas Trees in all around the world

There is a different history of the Christmas Trees in different countries. Here, we will discuss how different Christmas Trees came in different countries.

Christmas Trees in Canada

In the 1700s, lots of US residents migrated from the US to Canada. They had also brought lots of things with them like Advent Calendars, Cookies and Christmas Tree etc. Anyhow, when German husband of Queen Victoria came to the Windsor Castle, he had put up a Christmas Tree in the Windsor Castle. After that, it had become a tradition in Canada, the US and England.

Christmas Trees in Great Britain

The Norway Spruces were the native species in Great Britain before the last Ice Age. The residents of Great Britain had decorated their rooms with these Norway Spruces. That’s why they have also reintroduced these native species before the 1500s.

Christmas Trees in Mexico

Nacimiento is the principal holiday in most of the Mexicans’ houses. Along with Nacimiento, they had also started to decorate a Christmas Tree in their houses. There is a possibility that this tree is kept along with Nacimiento. Anyhow, in some houses, it is also kept elsewhere in the house. For this reason, they also try to keep a bare branch from a copal tree as a Christmas tree in their houses. Moreover, there are also some families that try to keep a shrub collected from the countryside in their homes.

Christmas Trees in Brazil

In Brazil, the most important thing is that Christmas is fallen during the summer. Anyhow, they also try to celebrate Christmas by preparing the Christmas Trees. For this reason, they decorate the pine trees with cotton. The cotton on the pine trees represents that snow is falling.

Christmas Trees in Ireland

In Ireland, people started to decorate the Christmas Trees from the start of December. For this reason, they try to decorate different trees with lights, tinsels and baubles etc. There are some people who try to keep the angel on the top of the tree. On the other hand, there are also some people who try to keep a star on the top of the tree. Anyhow, along with Christmas Trees, they also try to decorate their houses with garlands, candles and holly etc. At the time of Christmas, they also hang some wreaths and mistletoe on the door.